The Various Benefits To Using Bespoke Glass Design In The Kitchen

If you have considered the potential of bespoke glass design in your kitchen, then it is likely that you are already aware of the several benefits. If you have not conducted any research into this type of interior design, then you are in for a treat regarding the positive nature of bespoke glass. Unfortunately, despite the many benefits, there are several cons to using this type of design; therefore, several considerations need to be taken into account before making a final decision. This article will examine the various advantages that are involved in using glass design in the kitchen.

bespoke glass design

1. Fitting And Installation

One of the most popular options for glass design in the kitchen is the use of tiles; which is quite odd considering tiles are typically considered an unpopular alternative. In principle, the thought of tiles would be useful and highly practical, particularly when you begin browsing stores in search of an interesting design. This is the thing with tiles – they are attractive, but only in principle. When placed on the wall, one will need to strip the wall down and resurface the area entirely – not practical at all. Grouting and cutting tiles can be difficult to manage, making the procedure less appealing.

By using a bespoke glass option, there will be no practical issue in the same vein as tiling. This is due to the fact that the majority of bespoke glass pieces are created using a single piece of glass, and the glass is developed offsite. When it is delivered, it is simply lifted into position and attached to the wall.

2. Cleaning Issues

In all honesty, no individual truly enjoys cleaning their kitchen. While tiles may appear attractive and pleasing for a short period, they will begin to look worn once dust or oil has begun to accumulate on the tile surface. Cleaning a tile surface can be difficult because you need to reach out a scrub hard at a difficult angle. Furthermore, the grout will pose a challenge as this needs to be cleaned using various alternative cleaning materials.

The bespoke glass design is much simpler to clean and maintain, not only because of a lack of grout but also because of the smooth surface disallowing food to stick. A simple spraying and wiping of the glass is effective as maintenance.

3. Hygiene Factors

As time progresses, the importance of hygiene in the kitchen is becoming more prevalent. This can be a difficulty to maintain if tiles are used because of the grout between the items. Grout is a hive for bacteria because of the natural fissures in the granite; therefore, promoting the development of germs, mold and other bacteria associated with grime.

Bespoke glass items do not utilize any grout, which removes the risk of bacteria in the kitchen. In fact, glass is one of the stronger materials and will not chip or wear disallowing mold or grime reaching any cracks. Smooth glass is also easier to clean, which makes it easier to disinfect and maintain a hygienic area.