Why Picking The Right Playground Surfaces Is Important

When a school, government park, or even an individual is looking at building a playground, they need to realize they have certain things they need to be in compliance with. One of those regulations that government agencies and schools have to be in compliance with is the playground surfaces. These regulations are in place to protect the kids from injury, but also from helping the parents feel at ease when the kids are at the playground. Since this is the case, here are some of the reasons why it is so important to take time in selecting the surface that is to be used.

Playground Surfaces
Playground Surfaces

Selection of the proper surface can lead to more kids coming out to the park and using the playground. Usually people do not want to send their kids out to a location that does not have the proper protection, because they do not want their kids getting injured. However, at the same time the parents, if they know the surface is safe, will not mind sending the kids out to play because they know it reduces the risk of injury. This in turn means the playgrounds and the parks in general will be used quite a bit more than what people would expect to see.

Reduction in the number of injuries is something else that is important when the proper playground surface is selected. Usually if the surface is regular grass and a child falls it does not have as much give. This in turn can easily lead to the kids getting injured. The same goes if the surface is the older wood chips that used to be used for the surfaces, because it would lead to splinters. With the modern surfaces they tend to have quite a bit of give to protect the kids from injury, but also does not have wood chips to harm the children.

Finally, the proper playground surfaces can easily lead to a reduction in liability insurance rates or bond rates. This may seem a little odd to say, but sometimes the insurance companies will offer a break on the insurance rates for businesses or government agencies that have a new surface that is approved. This often comes because they are not going to end up getting sued as often by upset parents. So this allows the governing body who has oversight of the playground and its equipment to have a reduced rate for the cost of the insurance.

When a government body or school decides to install a new playground, they are going to face a tough choice on which type of playground surfaces they need to have installed as well. By selecting the proper surface they will notice the playground is going to become more popular, have a lower insurance rate, but also have more parents that are happier with the playground because the injuries are going to be reduced quite a bit. This in turn means a lower overall healthcare cost as everyone is going to be healthier.